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don't look at the pimple! [Aug. 25th, 2005|10:06 am]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Bambaleo -Gypsy Kings]

so, yeah i have this gigantic pimple right on the tip om my nose. my mom was like what's that on your face? damn thing makes me look like rudolph.

i din't want to wake up again this morning. on the train i'm thinking how this is what i have to do for the rest of my life. it's all school and work and basically never a break. that sux. i'm only 20 and already complaining about the real world and working already. it's so boring doing the same thing everyday. i really dont want to grow up now. but then the friends and the people you meet and the so short weekends do make things better.

yesterday, i went to the post office on chmabers and this cop like totally hit on me. calling me sweetie and stuff. he was kinda cute, but also a bit old. wonder if he would of let me touch his gun...

i went to a yankee game last week. they lost against the chisox but overall the guys are doing pretty good. *CROSS FINGERS* i have faith in them, they just need more consistency. i'm bummed that this is bernie's last year with the yanks, but it's true that he isn't the same anymore. maybe the ball i got signed by him will be worth something?? NEVER! no one ever touches that.

and oh yeah, i decided what i really want to do in my life, professionally anyway, but i dont wanna say, cause i might jinx myself. good luck to me!
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a wonderful start to my thursday morning [Jul. 21st, 2005|08:16 am]
[mood |blahblah]

my damn allergies have attacked me once again this summer. my eyes have been itching like crazy and their so dry i'm afraid i cant cry. i sneeze like 40 times in a row every ten minutes and have mounds of snotty tissue everywhere. i was late this morning for work... again. i have a bio lab final today which i didn't study for because i was watching cheesy movies til 3 in the morning. it's been so hott lately and i think my feet have a mild odor. there's a piercing pain in my stomach and i can't move. it's too early for me so i must keep this happy passage quite short. and i just realized that i haven't updated my livejournal in like a year so people might not even know who i am.
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my vote counts [Nov. 2nd, 2004|02:21 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

My god. So many people are nervous over the election. Their extreme nervousness is getting me nervous. But i seriously want Gore to win. I'm gonna write his name on my ballot and then check it. So if the results show that Gore gets 0.00000001%....that's me! I'm joking. I'm going to go vote at exactly 5:32 PM today. How awesome is that?? First time voting...yeah!!

The parade in the village this past Sunday was beyond great. Had so much fun. The weather was just spring-like perfect. I felt like floating away into the sky as a Spanish Dancer (my costume). short entry..gotta get back to work now..

hopefully in 7 hours we know...
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monty python is my God! [Oct. 6th, 2004|11:50 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |fox 5 news]

god damn those yankees are gonna give me a heart attack. all my stupid nails are all bitten off. but that was such an awesome game! you cant worry with the yanks...they always come back.

these past weeks have been insanely the best. i went to a green day concert last wednesday...across the street from my school @ at J&R music at City Hall. They were so great...no words to explain. crowd was enormous and police were everywhere. it was sponsered by krock. some kids actually broke down these metal barrier things and some lady got hurt. and then could you believe that billie joe called out to her and asked if she was ok and if she wanted to come up on stage. i so badly wanted to be that lady with the sprained wrist. but anway they're new cd American Idiot totally rocks. has to be one of their best. you should all go out and get it. i got amazing pics. and i was with these cool pplz that i met...they said i have this cool 'radio voice' and i was like 'sweet!'


This morning i was so incredibly tired.. after brushing my teeth, i gargled with listerine and i forgot to spit. my god, how can you forget to spit?? i wonder if too much is poisonous? i had a numb and tingly throat for like 4 hrs.  then i had math test today, which i think i did pretty good. not sure though. first organic test next week! please pray for me. i cant wait til firday...lab. i luv lab because there's this really nice dude that i'm totally crushing on. first of all, he's taking bio, physics, organic, and 2 other classes. 3) 4-hr labs!! my god... so he's a smart dude. he has an apartment on wall street and he's tall, gorgeous, and funny.  he's my motivation in organic. we've got a vote-date! oh babe! we're gonna go vote together then hang out.

broken-english quote of the day: "gal, ya betta watch out! dem people are evil and wicked. dem go kill you" -thank you old lady from the train! and i just have to add that monty python has got the be the funniest english guy on earth!


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I’ve been disarranged by the Marxist impulse to level society [Sep. 3rd, 2004|09:18 am]

I saw Fight Club again for like the tenth time…amazing movie. I want to be one of tyler's own personal “space monkey’s” and through these random acts of vandalism I shall deliver the Project Mayhem message of defying society and challenging the rules. Hey dude, that’s what I live for…I call it my impassioned pursuit for destruction; an appetite for thrills and challenging rules, people’s emotions, my own health, etc. I luv to feel the rush. well anyway the movie shows us that people abide by the masses, often ignorantly, and keep themselves oppressed and are being controlled by these forces everyday. This movie like many of the books I read this year [Loved A World According to Garp] satirize society. So do college professors and American filmmakers mockingly show us new ways to think and challenge ourselves or will we ultimately become followers?

Such a kool movie… these guys are mad at the world and want to strike back. They reject materialism and take matters into their own hands… doing ‘bad’ things for good reasons. Protesting how we live and trying to teach people what is important. I tried that…didn’t work to well. but the bad doings made me happy, event though others were mad. i was able to donate $858 to NYC homeless, the komen cancer foundation, and a breast cancer charity. so even thought these bad doings made me others mad, it made me happy. **smilez**

My fave quote: "selling rich women their fat asses back to them."

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slow-motion [Aug. 15th, 2004|01:25 am]
One event changed everything this year. The death of my grandpa made me mad at the world. He was the first person who passed who was really close to me. I'm mad that I didnt get to see him recently, mad that I didnt get to spend more time with him. After that, the world seemed to move in slow motion, it seemed that I saw things a little clearer. It's weird what catastrophe has to occur for me to see things better. I didnt respond, didnt cry much, I didnt talk to no one about it because i'm not that type of person. but it just affected how i thought and acted.

His death changed how I saw everyone. I did stupid things out of anger, but i dont regret it. People around me seemed to live some completely foolish existence... and i reacted out of anger. Everyone so happy, irresponsible, nothing to worry or care about and me..distracted, hateful, emotional, and ready to explode. People only cared about stupid things- expensive clothes, drinking, games, and money. So i removed myself for awhile out of that place and relaxed and just talked about it with people who listened.

Rain, rain go away. Make the sun come out today. I held Grandpa Ivan's hand wrapped around mine last night in my dreams. Tight. I hope I keep from crying.
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SPRING FLING [May. 5th, 2004|05:24 pm]

 Spring Fling drew nearly 5,000 people at BING for one last hurrah before finals!

Support BU Fountain Day: May 7th- It’ll be at Binghamton University’s fountain, in celebration of the last-day-of-class.(much like Cornell's Slope Day tradition)

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today was a very gray yet productive day [May. 3rd, 2004|07:58 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |"bye bye miss american pie" --don mcclean]

studying in the library today and noticed this guy's notes and then figured how much i really like MAN SCRIBBLE. yes, man scribble is so hott, and turns me on. you know, the undecipherable scribbles guys proclaim as their notes..yeah, when guys look all intelligent with the hard-core studying, intent face on, i get weak in the knees. smart guys who know how to party and man scribble totally rock!

It really smells like either feet or armpit (I'm trying not to breathe through my nose) in my cubicle for some reason. I know it's not me, but seriously dude I think there's something wrong. I don't really want to investigate but neither do I want to wallow in the stench...i know for a fact it's not Mr. MAN SCRIBBLE though. dude think wat's gonna happen when finals are here next week and ppl are here 24/7???

Check out: Proffessor's Secret Porn Stash revealed during PPT presentation lecture:


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I'm hoping I go so insane that I lose the ability to stress over silly things. [May. 2nd, 2004|11:57 pm]
damn those freakin emilys...it started like totally downpouring here around 7:30pm and i have never gotten so drenched in my entire life. there were like humongous puddles everywhere and of course the emilys were like lets go jump in the puddles...well, it was more like we were swimming in them. but yeah, we were out there for a good 30 min...but it felt good, it was nice outside and it felt like i was showering under the open sky, but just with my clothes on and many pplz around.

this weekend was pretty kool...went home for the sis' SWEET 16, which i might add was a total success! everything went amazing, and she looked so pretty. ahh yes, the sis and i have definitely gotten closer these past couple of years!

disco biscuits....tons of pplz, nervous tension, dancing, laughing, yelling, hitting my head against various objects, coughing, smiling, wanting to float....music....bright lights, go go dancers..panda bears....music... jumping...glow sticks... explosions... pressure...star shaped crowd moving like flagellating jelly bottoms, holding strange foreign objects….release, happiness. cake!

Final thought: I think it's funny how some people can spend so much money on clothes and still look like trash, while others spend nothing and when I see them I immediately want to have sex with them. :)
one week of classes left!...then finals. i will most definitely kick some ass.
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bean burrito please! [Apr. 29th, 2004|02:10 am]
[music |"love fool" --the cardigans]

today was a very ok day. it was mighty blisteringly cold this morning with the winds...it looked like i was crying a river because i was late to chem. but then the sunshine came and wisped the sadness away. then all the bing-ernites were smiling and gay for it was a rare sunshiny day! lolz..i make myself laugh sometimes.

but yeah, i'm so bouncy right now. freaking crawling up the walls. i tell ya, if i survive the next 2 weeks with all the shit that's been happening and actually pull off some very good-looking grades, i'm gonna flip. you wont here from manda the entire summer...i'll be vanished...scrunched up in Eugene's backpack....hitch-hiking across Europe! oh yeah.

nice weather caused some very hott guys to be playin b-ball in the east gym today. i was like...ohh, babe, i want in. two things i enjoy..guys and basketball (speaking of Kenyon and the NETS swept the KNICKS!). but yeah, had fun just playin wit the girls...and the guys too.

then i was at the science library for 4 hrs...i got through only 1.5 sections in the calc II text..cause i fell asleep for like 3 hrs! i have a proposal for the SA...they should have ugly, non-cozy and uncomfortable chairs and no heat in the libraries...thus making it an impossible atmosphere in which to fall asleep. that way we get more calc II work done. ingenious proposal! i'll submit tomorrow.

then my sister called tonight...see her sweet 16 party is this weekend. and she has to say a speechy-thing. i was trying to help her. i told her to say something like: "...to my dear parents..thank you for the continuous love and support...blah blah blah." but everytime she attempted anything intellectual or the word "dear" she'd crack up. she says she cant say it. she's so ghetto. then i have to say something, cuz yeah -- i'm the older sister. i'll be like F**K yeah...party!! college is awesome, who wants to funnel?? (just to annoy my parents and give my aunts a heart attack).

way too much iced coffee and ice cream in a 6-hr period makes me talk madness, sorry. must continue with chem lab...
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